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Summit Federal provide comprehensive program planning and controls services to assure clients receive cost effective and timely delivery of complex projects.

​Our committed group of professionals specializing in cost, schedule, and project management work closely in partnership with your team. Our involvement begins at the inception of project programming and planning and extends throughout project execution. We excel in comprehensively documenting and conveying essential project management tasks to ensure that your project is completed within the specified budget, adhering to the agreed-upon schedule, and meeting the contracted quality standards. We consider ourselves an indispensable component of the teams we cooperate with, jointly dedicated to delivering outstanding projects.


Effective project management relies on strategic scheduling. We specialize in developing schedules that align with your project’s unique requirements. Our expertise extends to conducting detailed CPM schedule reviews, ensuring that every aspect of your project timeline is thoroughly analyzed and adheres to contract specifications. By optimizing resources, managing costs, and refining timelines, we ensure your project’s foundation is as robust as its ambitions.


We have the estimating capabilities necessary to develop a comprehensive budget that provides maximum value to our clients. Our seasoned team of estimators has the capabilities of providing accurate and detailed estimates throughout all phases of design and construction.

Claims Analysis

Our experience in supporting construction claims is an important resource to our clients who face costly change orders, schedule slippage, or damages from the multitude of issues and decisions that arise on any given project. Our expertise allows us to examine the day-to-day activity and provide expert opinion and testimonial support.

Risk Management

We excel at establishing and maintaining an effective process and detailed procedures to identify risks and communicate these impacts to the entire construction delivery team. This process is the essential baseline for preventing delays and disruptions, and our team of experts adjusts our level of frequency for reporting and the level of detail necessary based on your particular needs as the project progresses forward.

Project Management

We offer essential project management oversight to adeptly handle risks and uphold impeccable quality benchmarks for their clients. Our team features experienced project managers who expertly supervise key responsibilities, including budget management, precise scheduling, consultant coordination, and resource allocation.

Strategic Planning

We provide highly specialized strategic planning expertise to U.S. Government agencies and the private sector. Summit Federal partners with industry experts to offer tailor-made solutions for your organization. Our comprehensive planning, training, learning solutions, and programs are designed to prepare any individual or team to meet and exceed their mission requirements.

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